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Custom Homes

Designed to Perfection

Our Building Process

Building a custom home is an exciting and memorable experience. The beauty of our process is the ease of adjustment and incorporation of personal ideas to construct your exact vision. 

Our First Meeting

With your average builder, the first meeting often consists of the few homes they offer and an urgency to get started. When we meet for the first time, the relationship is dictated by your goals. Our team has started construction in the following month with some new customers, but has also nurtured relationships with others for years before breaking ground.


We like to sit down and determine your goals, budget and scope of the project. We usually go over our new home construction packet containing our signature series of homes and information about certain building materials. We also thoroughly discuss other recommended avenues for selecting and designing your home. Once we have covered the basics and understand your wishes, we often take a drive around Eagle Rock Resort to show 20+ years’ worth of our custom work and maybe inspire ideas for your new home.


After a nice ride and quality discussions, the next steps are tailored to where you are in the selection process. Most customers thoroughly review our signature series and check out the tens-of-thousands of plans on the internet to arrive at a home or two they like. Once we have a set of plans to work off, the customization and designing of your home begins!


Designing Your Home

Whether you have built a home before or not, the home designing process can be stressful and sometimes even overwhelming. Our designing approach is tailored to your experience to reduce stress, make it easy and ensure your home is crafted to perfection.


Adding windows, altering roof lines and moving walls are all easy adjustments to make your home unique and yours. When manipulating floor plans and changing features, it is not only exciting but can also be quite informative. We often give suggestions that can reduce building cost and help maintain capacity in your desired building budget.

Contracts & Specifications

With every investment, appropriate documentation is imperative. In the construction agreement, both the homeowner and Vinecrest Builders obligations are in writing for all detailed specifications throughout every step of construction. The home plans, building materials, allowances, payment details and many more specifics are outlined clearly and in an easily understood order in the legal documents. Through discussion and attention to detail, each element in the home is captured and ensured to be accurate for the designed custom project. Once every point is agreed upon and contracts are signed, the planning is finally complete, and the project is underway!


Once permits are issued, the clock begins to tick toward the completion of your beautiful home. Construction is usually completed within 5-7 months on average. Over the project’s life cycle, numerous in person on-the-job meetings are scheduled and add to the experience. It is important to personally feel each step of the project, see what is behind the walls and ensure specific features are customized to your liking. In addition to these in person walk throughs, we always send pictures and keep you involved during key stages.

Since we are a custom builder, we also take great pride in suggesting unique adjustments and simple additions throughout construction. A key strength for our team is not being afraid to adjust and customize when the time is right. Therefore, we encourage our customers to be creative and ensure their home is built how they want!


Certificate of Occupancy

After a series of inspections, a certificate of occupancy (CO) is obtained and certifies that your home is in compliance with applicable building codes, local laws and is suitable to live in. Instead of this being the final milestone, our team is always devoted until well after move in. For many customers, we have even gone the extra mile to hang their picture frames and have their home professionally cleaned more than once. Your home is a direct reflection of our reputation and we are not only your custom home builder, but also a trustworthy neighbor that will look after your home for years to come.

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